VCA wins big at the VETTYs!

Published by VCA Inc. in VETTYs April 11, 2018

Everyone needs a pat on the head sometimes, not just pets! That’s why we’re happy (and proud) to share that in 2018 we’ve had the honor of receiving seven VETTY Animal Health Marketing Awards, presented by the North American Veterinary Community at the 2018 VMX Conference.

Why this matters to us is pretty simple. Everything we say, and do, is about enhancing the lives of pets and the people who care for them by providing the most cutting-edge veterinary medicine possible alongside exceptional client experiences. So if we can connect with pet owners in a way that resonates, warms hearts or brings a smile, we’ve done a small part of our job.

Take a look at the winning pieces.

Gold Winner: VCA Home Delivery Truck Mailer

VCA has a strong commitment to educating our teams on the most cutting-edge client service technologies. This training program direct mail campaign went viral amongst our teams, generating a flurry of Facebook posts as people shared their truck builds, as well as a record number of enrollments in our Home Delivery training program. Marketing lead: Martha Smith

Gold Winner: VCA Dental Campaign

We are dedicated to educating our clients about proper pet dental care to help ensure that our patients receive the oral care they need to stay healthy. The “Moment of Tooth” dental campaign presents dental care in a manner that resonates with consumers, tying the close-up moments they share with their pets to their pets’ routine dental care. The campaign consisted of consumer-centric messaging across multiple channels (email, website, social media, in-hospital flyers, posters and video) and garnered year-over-year increases in dental care visits. Marketing lead: Allison Pines

Silver Winner: VCA Oncology Care, Hope Unleashed

The “Hope Unleashed” signature promotes the emerging positive outcomes in oncology for pets. This VCA initiative underlines a commitment to pets and their owners through advanced medicine and a team approach to cancer care. Program materials provide options for pet owners in a transparent way, allowing them to make the right decision on potentially lifesaving investments in their pet’s treatment. Marketing lead: Jacinthe Moreau

Silver Winner: VCA Play Interactive Training

Providing updated continuing education to VCA Hospital teams, VCA’s Vethical® Hero Quest was a training game designed to engage and inform. Participants undertook challenges to earn points and receive prizes—a great way to make learning fun and effective. The VCA Play app is always available and features challenges like quiz questions, video challenges, trivia challenges and more. Marketing lead: Christopher Marks

Bronze Winner: VCA Vethical Parasite Protection Campaign

Vethical is VCA’s private label featuring a full range of anti-parasite products. The umbrella campaign presented protected pets as Everyday Heroes, which encouraged pet owners to protect the health of their pets, in turn protecting their families and the local pet community. VCA Hospitals in each state displayed national posters with campaign protection messages plus local posters with parasite prevalence numbers for their state. Marketing lead: Christopher Marks and Martha Smith

Bronze Winner: VCA SkinGuard Rebrand and Relaunch In-Clinic

Vethical SkinGuard is VCA’s private brand of dermatology products. To cut through the consumer confusion in this category, the 2017 Vethical SkinGuard relaunch featured clean, communicative packaging focused on each product’s benefit to pets’ skin. Additional materials (brochure and benefits chart) helped consumers and hospital staff understand the product differences and make the best selection and recommendation for each individual pet. Marketing lead: Christopher Marks and Martha Smith

Bronze Winner: VCA Shelter Rebrand

VCA’s shelter communications were rebranded to show the love and bond between pets and their “forever homes.” Mixed breeds and variously aged pets mirror true shelter-pet realities. The campaign provides tangible, printed materials in addition to digital formats to help support shelters in their mission. Marketing lead: Malia Rivera