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The Afghan Hound is a breed most known for it’s beautiful coat and elegance. It is thought that the breed originated in the Middle East, but it is not known for sure.  Although beautiful and delicate looking, this hound can work as hard and long as any other hound and was bred to withstand the harsh climates in the mountains. The Marx Brothers were the first to officially bring the breed to the United States and these dogs have gained popularity ever since!

With those dreamy looks and hair we all wish we had, it’s easy to understand how the Afghan Hound has gained many admirers over the years. Let’s take a look at some of the other facts that make this canine a favorite of many.

The Doggy Details

  • Breed Group: Hound
  • Origin: Afghanistan / Middle East
  • Dates of Origin: 1800’s
  • Colors / Patterns: Black, White, Cream, Silver, Blue, Mask, Brindle, Domino
  • Grooming: Extensive
  • Life Expectancy:  12-14 years

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The Look of the Afghan Hound

The most noticeable feature of the Afghan Hound is their long, beautiful, silky coats. However, keeping that beauty takes work! Regular brushing, bathing and pampering is required or those coats can trap debris and quickly become matted. They can be quite tall standing at 25″ – 27″ at the shoulder and are usually between 50-60 lbs. Because of their size, these dogs need regular exercise!

Overall the Afghan Hound is quite the head turner. Don’t forget to trim the nails regularly and brush your dog’s teeth.  These simple steps will keep your Afghan Hound looking great!

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Canine Curiosity

The Afghan Hound is often described as a sweet tempered and loyal pooch, but can also show their silly side! Although they can sometimes be aloof, their high energy often brings back the goofy side. This breed is often loyal to one-family or one family member and usually does not interact with strangers. And because they are so independent, Afghans are not easy to train, although they are very smart.

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Health & Care

Some Afghan Hounds may be sensitivities to anesthesia as well as may be susceptible to bloat. Each dog is different and proper care helps to reduce many health issues. With regular checkups and screenings for potential issues, the Afghan Hound is likely to be a healthy dog.

Where Do I Get One?

Think that the Afghan Hound sounds like the perfect addition to your home? It’s always important to do your homework before adding any pet to your family. For more information on the breed, recommended breeders, or education you can visit the Breed Registries of the AKC, and AHCA. Also, you can always find mixed breeds at your local shelter or rescue.


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