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VCA Honored at Houston SPCA Strong Gala

Published by Carissa Schildt in Cats, Community Outreach, Dogs, Happy Tails, Shelters & Rescues, VCA News June 18, 2018

VCA was recently an honoree at the Houston SPCA’s annual gala on Friday, April 13, 2018. This years event titled, “Houston SPCA Strong,” was held to honor the heroes of Hurricane Harvey at The Houstonian Hotel. It was these heroes that helped make the lifesaving efforts of the Houston SPCA possible. The HSPCA thanked VCA and VCA Charities...

Finding Bear

Published by VCA Inc. in Dogs, Happy Tails, Pets, Shelters & Rescues, Veterinary Staff February 8, 2017

Ashley Toole knew that finding Bear would not be easy, but she also knew she would never give up trying. Like many people who work in the animal care and rescue industry, Ashley has a special bond with pets. This love of animals is what brought Ashley and Bear together, even when the odds were against them. This...

Poisoned goose gets lifesaving treatment at VCA in Seattle

Published by VCA Inc. in Canada, Goose, Lifesaving, PAWS Seattle, VCA Animal Hospitals, Wildlife December 19, 2016

VCA Animal Hospitals across the country form partnerships with animal shelters and rescues to save the lives of pets, wildlife and those who need a second chance at life. This story highlights the combined effort of VCA Veterinary Specialty Center of Seattle and PAWS to save the life of a poisoned goose. Back in May 2016, a Canada...

BenBen, Saddest Cat on the Internet Raises Money to Save Strays

Published by VCA Inc. in Associate Veterinary Clinics, Canada, Cats, Happy Tails, Lifesaving, Pets, Shelters & Rescues November 30, 2016

Meet BenBen from Vancouver.  Dubbed the ‘saddest cat on the Internet’ due to his worried look and down-turned eyes, BenBen was rescued back in April. Not only was BenBen in bad shape, but he was only one day away from being euthanized.  A BC SPCA officer brought him in to the Vancouver Animal Emergency and Referral Centre. He needed immediate...

Shelter Puppy Receives Rare Life-Saving Heart Surgery

Published by VCA Inc. in Dogs, Happy Tails, Lifesaving, Pets, Puppy, Shelters & Rescues, VCA Animal Hospitals November 29, 2016

As an animal behaviorist and trainer of animals, Cynthia Royal has worked with a wide variety of domestic and exotic animals from birds to zebra. “While every animal encounter is an exciting, enjoyable adventure, only a few have captured my heart enough to make them a permanent member of my family.  Then, one night on the evening news,...

Saving Shadow – VCA & Marley’s Mutts

As the holidays grow near, we often reflect on moments that stick with us, and when it comes to animal welfare, there are many. Saving the lives of dogs in need is simply a day in the life for the folks at Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue (MMDR), based out of Kern County, CA.  In late 2014 Ashley, an...

Cricket – VCA and Marley’s Mutts

Published by VCA Inc. in Dogs, Happy Tails, Lifesaving, Marley's Mutts, Pets, Shelters & Rescues October 21, 2016

Cricket the dog was approximately 7-weeks old when he was brought to a local animal shelter by a caring citizen.  At the time, it was noted that he had unknown trauma and was unable to utilize his back leg. Immediately, Marley’s Mutts Rescue found Cricket and brought him to VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital. Once a thorough exam...

Little Bear, Big Heart – Saved by Marley’s Mutts and VCA

Marley’s Mutts has taken part in numerous miracles: dogs faced with near-certain death whom have overcome and survived. Through these journeys, VCA Animal Hospitals have been there to aid in the treatment and recovery of many of these dogs. Perhaps no other dog faced more meager chances of survival than Little Bear. The Beginning Little Bear’s story began with...